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Health is also a social construct. Many people are not only healthy, but healthy at the same time that they are not well. Health and illness have different definitions and meanings in different countries and cultures. Most people have been socialized into believing that if they are healthy, they must be fine.

But there is much evidence to suggest that many of our health problems have their origins in our socialization. The way that we are socialized to view, understand and treat our illness is not only how we are treated but how much money we are willing to spend. For instance, we may have been socialized into believing that a chronic liver infection has a cure.

And in many cases, there is no cure because it doesn't work. These figures do not reflect the cost of the patient's treatment- it is the costs of our society that come from the costs of the insurance system. But the insurance industry also generates a huge amount of profits when they can push the costs of a treatment beyond their normal range or, more commonly, when they can increase the profits for a particular company. Health systems that were unwilling to give patients the best care for the money, or to take care of their most vulnerable populations, were at a competitive disadvantage in an environment dominated by the medical industry with a strong lobbying and political base. The prosolution penis enlargement pills been able to impose its will on the public health-care system with an iron hand, in the same way that drug companies control medical care in the United States. In most states, the prosolution penis enlargement pills a monopoly on the sale of prescription drugs and on a large part of the market for all other health care products.


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